11 Insanely Hilarious Jokes About the Internet

Do you consider yourself a master of the Interwebs? A veritable Bill Gates of the Information Superhighway?

If so, you might really appreciate some of these insanely hilarious jokes about the good ol’ Internet!

Let’s jump right into the best dang Internet jokes you’ve ever heard!

1) Some people say Al Gore invented the Internet, but that’s not actually true…it was Chuck Norris. With a typewriter.

2) Ever wonder why there are so many silly things for sale on the Internet? It’s crazy, right? Want to know why?

Just give me 5 easy payments of $29.99 and I’ll tell you! 🙂

3) You wanna know how fat yo momma is? Well let me tell you…

Yo momma’s so fat, she doesn’t need the Internet—cause she’s already worldwide!

4) Why do lumberjacks spend their whole day on the Internet? Cause they don’t want to log off!

5) How does a laptop get drunk? Well, it takes screen-shots!

6) Charging a phone is an interesting thing, especially if it’s an Apple phone, but riddle me this—you know what would be an amazing name for the Apple phone charger?! Apple juice!

Come on…you know that’s funny!

7) Have you heard the joke about the gorillas who had an Amazon account together? Well it’s true—they were a couple of Prime mates!

8) Have you ever wondered how lumberjacks connect their computers to the Internet? They just log on!

9) I don’t always use Internet Explorer…

But when I do, it’s to download Firefox!

10) Some people say that common sense is just like old-school dial-up Internet modems…

Because it hasn’t been used in decades!

11) You know who was into the Internet before it was cool? Httpsters.

We dare you to find a better list of Internet jokes anywhere on, well—the Internet!

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