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9 Tech Nerd Jokes that Will Make Anyone Laugh (Or Roll Their Eyes)

They say laughter is the best medicine, right? Take a break from answering emails, writing code, or turning your computer off and on again. Here are nine of some of the funniest, techiest jokes we could come up with. Whether you’re looking to impress your coworkers with some punny tech jokes or need a good-liner for a friend, these funny tech jokes are sure to be a hit – and possibly make some eyes roll in the process.

1) I’m having some issues with my file. That image of the person smiling was too large for me to upload.
It must have been due to an overbyte.

2) My hard drive really enjoys music from the 1950s.
Any group in particular?
Yes, The Platters.

3) I just bought myself a 24k gold grill.
Really? Does it work over your Bluetooth?

4) I cut myself while I was programming the other day.
Really? How’d you end up doing that.
I was using C#

5) My hard drive seems to be very socially and environmentally conscious.
How can you tell?
I mean, for one thing, it is a hybrid, so there’s that. And once a week it puts old files into my recycle bin.

6) I think I my Bluetooth mouse needs an intervention.
In order to communicate with it, I have to keep enabling it. It’s terrible cycle of addiction.

7) How can you tell if a programmer is an extrovert?
They look at your shoes while they talk to you.

8) My team messaged me asking for additional time off from our current project.
I figured it was fine. I think I’ll cut them some Slack.

9) Patient: Doctor, I think the NSA is secretly monitoring me.
Doctor: Do you leave your computer on at home?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: Are you connected to the Internet?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: Oh, yeah, then they totally are.

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