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Electric Car Jokes – (Being Green Can be Funny!)

Just because your environmentally responsible doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor. Here are some great, funny jokes about electric cars to share with all your other socially and environmentally friendly friends. These jokes and puns are sure to impress and probably make some heads shake.

1) What do you someone who performs a symphony on top of a Tesla truck?
A semiconductor

2) I hit an Eskimo with my electric car the other day.
That’s not good. Were they hurt?
No, don’t worry. Everything was fine. He was totally insulated.

3) You see that Alanis Morissette is driving an electric car now?
No, really?
Pretty Ioniq, don’t you think?

4) I guess the city is thinking about hosting an electric vehicle event downtown.
I did hear something about that.
Yeah, I just don’t know if they’ll be able to find enough capacity.

5) Hey, guess what? I just bought a car that runs on natural gas.
That’s fantastic, but I’ve been doing that myself for years.

6) A Ford Focus Electric and a Kia Soul went on a date. At first, the Focus wanted to Bolt, but after a while a Spark formed. Things ended up getting X rated, so I thought it better to just LEAF them alone.

7) A Chevy Bolt and a Tesla Model S meet at an intersection.
The Chevy says to the Tesla, watts up?
The Tesla says, not much, watts up with joule?

8) Did you hear about the Yoga class for electric cars?
No, that’s a thing?
I guess. They just park in circle and say “ohm” the whole time.

9) Did you see what happened during the tightrope act at the electric car circus?
No, what happened?
One of the Mercedes almost lost their Valance and fell.

10) Did you hear about the Tesla X that hit the Energizer bunny?
I guess he ended up getting charged with simple battery.

11) What is a Tesla Model 3’s favorite dance?
The Electric Slide.

12) Those young electric cars sure have a lot of spirit!
Agreed. It’s hard to find the right outlet for them to put all that energy.

13) I guess the Volkswagen e-Golf is supposed to be nice.
I heard it’s got a smooth ride, like a Caddy.

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