6 Squeaky Clean Jokes Even Your Grandma Would Approve Of

You can’t tell dirty jokes all the time. No one wants that. Here are six of the best jokes that will never get you in trouble and get you a laugh every time. These family friendly jokes are perfect for kids, the office, family members, and just about everyone else.  This compilation of one-liners and puns is are so clean, they squeak.

  1. Want to hear a dirty joke?
    Three pigs were playing in the mud.
  2. What music will balloons not listen to?
  3. Did you hear about the frog whose car died on the highway?
    Yeah, he had to have it toad to the shop.
  4. Do you know how to find Will Smith in snowbank?
    Just look for the fresh prints.
  5. What do you call an insect that’s always undecided?
    A maybe.
  6. How did the poster end up in prison?
    It was framed!

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