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8 Tesla Jokes That’ll Send Your Laughter to the Moon

Elon Musk—our meme Lord and Savior is known for his dry but witty sense of humor…

However, it’s not all that often he makes jokes about Tesla—come on Elon, where are the Tesla memes that everyone’s been waiting for?

So, at Humor Search, we took it upon ourselves (being the creative writers that we are), to go ahead and create some of the best Tesla jokes that you’ve never heard!

It’s true that the writer’s room at Humor Search headquarters is full of nerds (in fact, a few staff members actually do drive Teslas), so this wasn’t hard to get the jokes rolling!

Without further ado, may we present the 8 absolute best Tesla jokes on this planet (since, well, we’re not on Mars yet).

1) What do you call the new car smell in a Tesla?

An Elon Musk, of course 😉

2) Why is a Tesla Cybertruck faster than a Ferrari?

It renders faster—those polygons Elon!

3) If Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink started a band, what would it be called?

The Three Musk-eteers

4) Did you know that Tesla partnered with Microsoft to make a new electric car?

Yep—but they seem to have a problem installing Windows.

5) What did Tony Stark and Peter Parker say about their new Tesla?

With great power, comes great electricity.

6) What did the Tesla hater say about his Model S?

“I just don’t like it…it’s reVOLTing!”

7) What do you call a stolen Tesla?

An Edison!

 8) What does a meditating Tesla say?


Bonus Joke:

What did Elon tell Santa Claus was the only thing he wanted for Christmas?

DOGE to the mooooooooooon!

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed these Tesla electric car jokes, and that you don’t leave this page saying “oh man, my head Hertz!” 😉

If you liked these jokes, check back frequently on Humorsearch, as we’re constantly updating our jokes and always coming up with new material! Our writers are always working hard to churn out the best jokes on the web!

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