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Yo Momma Jokes

Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine and having a laugh everyday is certainly potent medicine that will keep you going longer, and with so many different types of jokes to listen to, there is no real constraint about the type of jokes that one will listen or come across, especially over the Internet. Most jokes however seem to veer towards the topic of sex and taking these jokes to bed are quite popular.

Yo momma jokes are another very popular kind of jokes that are known to be very funny and they are an extremely good weapon to use if you want to get even with the hooligans in your neighborhood.

With technology providing one with a new and easy means to get jokes downloaded on to say an iPod or other similar device, the popularity of yo momma jokes has also shot up. Thus, one does not need to depend on word of mouth or have to read joke books to come across great jokes including the ever popular yo momma jokes. With a simple push of a button one can download them for later use and that too from many different sources – all thanks to the Internet and the new devices that have made it all possible.

In fact, given the popularity of yo momma jokes, there are many sites that are devoted to just these jokes, which means that you have many thousands of such jokes available at one place and with MTV also launching its own Yo Mamma series, the popularity and availability of such jokes has increased tremendously. And, there are also various categories within such jokes that pertain to different aspects to yo mammas including yo mamma being stupid, poor, ugly and fat, as well as dumb. A good example of a yo momma jokes referring to how dumb a momma is tells of how she began running at age fifty and now that she has reached the ripe old age of ninety-five, no one knows for sure where she is now!!