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Wedding Jokes

When you get engaged and you and your fiancé are planning your wedding you will start hearing all kinds of different wedding jokes from friends, coworkers and even family members. Many of these jokes will be jokes about life is over when you get married, and the typical ball and chain wedding jokes. Many folks that have been married a long time will offer up some of the best jokes relating to weddings and married life. These are just jokes though and in no way resemble what true married life is, and you should never let any wedding jokes cause you to worry about getting married. Even after you get married you will still be hearing jokes about married life, such as friends asking you if you need to clear something with “the boss”, or making jokes about when you can get out of the cage.

You may also hear many good wedding jokes that are more humorous wedding stories that someone has experienced, and sometimes wedding disasters can be quite funny as well, at least after the fact. That is not always the case though, sometimes a true disaster can never be funny, but sometimes things that seem awful turn out to not be so bad and you may be able to have some good wedding jokes and stories to tell from the ordeal. That sort of thing will also be something you will never forget as long as you live, which is what any wedding should be anyways. A great toast by the best man at a wedding could also contain a good wedding joke or two, and this will help ensure the guests are having a good time. Your wedding is a onetime event and should be enjoyed by everyone and seeing and hearing all the wedding jokes leading up to and after the wedding is all part of the wedding fun and good times.