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Very Funny Pics

One of the best ways of lightening up is to look at very funny pics which will help bring a smile to your face and also make for some very memorable and joyous moments. The very thought of looking at such pictures can also raise expectations and this is a way of relieving tension that has been practiced for as long as man has had the means to capture through painting and drawing of objects that are dear to him and which hold special meaning. In fact, such pictures have been around since the time that man was dwelling in caves and there are many relics of such art that have been found on the walls of caves, on canvas as well as paper and even on skins.

There is so much of interest in very funny pics that artists have found this to be a means to create pics that have won those awards and this is best exemplified in the works of world renowned artists such as Raphael and also Leonardo De Vinci who made some very funny pics indeed.

The history of the these kinds of pictures can even be traced back to a major change in capturing images and text when in the fifteenth century the invention of the printing press made it possible for such works of art to become readily available to audiences spread far and wide.

And, when these very funny pics came to be mass produced after a fashion they became instruments for propaganda and even in spite of the famous uttering of Queen Victoria “We are not amused” there was actually quite a lot of titillation that people in the nineteenth century found in such pics. Times may have changed, but the power of very funny pics lives on even today and is perhaps stronger than ever before.