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Twisted Humor

Have you ever set up a joke or laughed at something that others considered twisted humor? Well isn’t that too bad for them; for most, twisted humor is anything that doesn’t involve the danger or hurting of man, child or beast. Everything else is fair game when it comes to having a bit of fun with twisted humor and its legion of fans. As long as most observers are not part of the twisted humor, they will be more than happy see others get theirs at the hands of others.

There are those who view twisted humor as just another way to express their joy, happiness and their eccentric sense of what is proper to laugh at, and what is not. Most of what is to be considered twisted humor is left entirely up to the individual and their personal tastes.

There are many gross and deviated ways of expressing twisted humor, but we won’t go into that here, we will simply check out what one person thinks is funny that others kinda do but are afraid to admit.

For instance, an example of twisted humor is watching a waitress take a flying leap down the aisle while still holding the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuit aloft. Seeing that type of scenario is enough to send many people into hysterics, but it is a kind of twisted humor.

It seems we were born with the funny bone that will make us laugh for long years ahead, and if you enjoy twisted humor it may not even be your fault or what you where exposed to as a child. It could just be you have a sick and twisted sense of humor and that is that.

That is the beauty of being an individual; you yourself without legal pressure from anyone can decide if you will become a real and true fan of twisted humor in the future.