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Short Funny Jokes

Like most people you will hear many good jokes throughout your lifetime, some of the jokes will be longer and take a few minutes to tell but there are just as many short funny jokes or short one liners that are also extremely funny. There are many famous comedians that are famous for their short funny jokes as well as their longer jokes that are more like a story style of joke. There are also many great books and websites you can find that can help you to learn a bunch of different short funny jokes that you can share with your friends and family in hopes of making them laugh or to help them deal with a stressful day or week. Laughter is said to be the best medicine for all kinds of times when someone is feeling down, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Some of the best jokes that are good for kids and adults alike are short funny jokes, and these short jokes are easy for children to comprehend and also easy for them to remember to share with their classmates and other friends. Parents should make a point of teaching their kids some short funny jokes as this will also help with their social skills when they are in school and sharing the short funny jokes with their friends, they will also become quite a young comedian. You want to make sure that you do not overdo this since you do not want your child to be the class clown and causing disruptions. Just like anything else you need to teach your kids that there is a proper time and place to be the class comedian, such as recess and during other play times at school as well as on the school bus where they can provide entertainment on the trip to school.