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Sexy and Funny Relationship Jokes

There are lots of jokes out there about relationship humor. There are jokes about marriage, men, women, divorce, sex, Valentine’s, and many other things. People love relationships, and they love funny stuff, so someone had the brilliant idea to put the two together. Humor is a crucial thing, especially when it comes to love. Laughing brings people closer together, and gives people happy memories. The sense of humor is a big thing people look for in other people. There are lots of ways to express tasteful humor to your spouse or significant other. However, when in this zone, some sexy and funny jokes can be rather distasteful or offensive, and if you like stuff like this, make sure your other does too. You don’t want to offend anyone over a joke. And if you yourself get offended, just remember; it’s all in good fun.

Relationship Humor

Here are a few cracks about love and marriage that everyone can relate to! Love: When you take a bubble bath together. Marriage: When you give the kids a bubble bath. Two elderly women were discussing their husbands over a cup of tea. One woman said, ‘I do wish that my Elmer would stop biting his nails.’ The other woman said to her, ‘My Billy used to do the same thing, but I broke him of the habit.’ ‘How?’ The other woman asked. The woman replied, ‘I hid his teeth.’ A man and his wife were in bed together, and the man asked his wife if she was in the mood. The woman said, ‘Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache.’ The man replied, ‘Is that your final answer?’ and the woman said yes. The man then said, ‘Okay, then I’d like to phone a friend.’ These are examples of good sexy and funny jokes.

Other Sexy Funnies

There are books, websites, TV shows, music, and other forms of entertainment that feature relationship humor. As mentioned, humor is very important in a marriage or relationship. Be sure though, when joking around, to pick out something sexy and funny at the same time. This will get your spouse laughing, loving you, and maybe thinking a little something in your favor! So be tasteful, not hurtful, and when it comes to humor, your relationship will be good to go!