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Retirement Jokes

Jokes are made to make people laugh and feel well; that's why we hear that laughter is the best medicine. Retirement is a prime example of a very stressful time for people, and retirement jokes are one way to alleviate the stresses that come with retirement. People spend most of their lives working; when you work you get into a routine, and as we all know, when a routine and habit breaks, it can be very disruptive and disheartening. This is why retirement jokes are so abundant. With retirement jokes, we can make light of a situation which is bothering us, and this helps to lessen the blow of this massive life change. Retirement jokes are also used as a welcomed send off when roasting a retiring colleague at a dinner party or brunch.

Retirement jokes aren’t only in reference to retiring from a career; many retirement jokes are also based on age for those who are senior citizens or living in retirement homes. Again, many of these jokes are light hearted and provide a good laugh about a not so good situation. Some retirement jokes tend to be about elderly ailments such as forgetfulness, or about not hearing or seeing so well anymore. Retirement jokes also tend to revolve around the driving abilities of the elderly, such as speeding on the road due to thinking the route number is the speed limit. Other jokes refer to growing old such as the “over the hill” jokes that you commonly hear and see when it comes upon someone’s 40th, 50th, even 60th birthday. Again, these jokes about being over the hill are a friendly way of teasing a friend and helping them through the situation of getting older. It's a reminder that everyone goes through the same situation eventually.

Jokes take many forms and are used for many situations, alleviating stressful times, encouraging lighthearted laughter, or expressing sarcasm. Retirement jokes fall right in line with the rest in these situations.