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Redneck Jokes

There are so many redneck jokes that it may often be impossible to have heard them all, though one thing for certain is that they do have a certain kind of humor that is very unique and which are generally aimed at folks that live in the Deep South. Some of them make passing references to the infamous Klu Klux Klan all to point out how much thickness there is between the ears of people living in these parts.

There is nothing wrong about cracking such jokes because it is common to find UK jokes being made about those that live in those parts, and Irish jokes about the people living in Ireland. It is just that such jokes have their own slant of joke telling that is quite hard to duplicate and which will be sure to tickle one’s funny bones.

One of the leading tellers of redneck jokes are a group of people that include Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White that are well known for their excellent comedy and redneck joke telling abilities. If you want to hear some downright funny jokes about the South, then these guys should be given a chance. Also, it is quite common for these jokes to make pointed references to the meaner side of people living in the Southern states in America.

Among the more common redneck jokes you will have heard is the one that talks about ordering a chicken somewhere in the South after which three cousins named Klu, Kluck and Klan warn you that whatever you do to the chicken they would do to you. So, the person instead of cutting up the chicken and eating it actually kisses the chicken!

Such a joke is typical of redneck jokes and the humorous part of it always has a bit of danger which one gets around as best as one can.