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Practical Jokes

Practical jokes are great for any occasion—Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, other holidays, April Fools Day, or just any plain old day. The fun never gets old, but make sure the joke is tasteful, not offensive, and it won’t get anyone in trouble or hurt. Jokes are all fun, usually meant for the enjoyment of the joker(s), but the person being pranked might not see the humor, at least not at that time. Or, if the person does find the joke funny and laughs with you, you can almost always guarantee revenge. And revenge is sweet!

Tools for Practical Jokes

There are pranks you can pull on people just using yourself and/or your friends. There are also tools and things you can use for assistance with the jokes. There are things such as whoopee cushions, fake money, fake letters or stationary items, fake vomit, snakes-in-a-can, and more!

Ideas for Practical Jokes

Cursing Stuffed Animals: These stuffed animals utter curse words when certain parts of their bodies are pushed in. You don’t want this for a small child or anything—just a friend or a person with a good humor count! Fart Machine: You put this behind or beside a person, then offer them a seat. Meanwhile, you’ve got the remote in your hands, and when the time is right, you push the button, and embarrass your friend in front of everyone! The friend can swear up and down it’s not him, but hey, you hear what you hear! Shocking Gum: Offer someone a piece of gum, and when they pull on it, they’ll get a shock! They’ll literally get shocked! The Joy Buzzer: When people shake your hand, they’ll get a little jolt. The Joy Buzzer, previously positioned into your hand, will shock them! Exploding Golf Ball: Offer your friends to a game of golf. Let them take the first whack! Something will happen that no one’s expecting, and the ball will exist no more!

As mentioned, make sure when pulling these pranks that no one will get harmed, or that no one will get into trouble. These jokes are simply for fun, not for serious payback. Have fun pranking your friends and family!