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Political Humor

In troubled times, people often look to humor for some kind of relief and for a new insight on dealing with the plight of the people. Political humor has long been a way for all of us as Americans to deal with some very difficult issues. The concept of political humor has been around as long as people have lived in stable societies together. Political cartoons have been a huge influence on the nation’s attitudes and outlooks when it comes to the environment of politics. Satirical authors such as Mark Twain have paved the way for the more modern figures that use political humor as a way to reach out to people who may not understand what’s going on in Washington. Sometimes it seems like the world is a dark and often scary place, but the injection of political humor into our newspapers, television shows, and on the Internet can help to lighten the mood and make us see the lighter side of politics.

Political humor was often found in the form of pamphlets. In the days of the Continental Congress, humorous writings and drawings could be found in newspapers and letters scattered throughout the country at that time. People have always used this form of a humor as a peaceful means of expressing their distaste for a ruler or for various policies. In modern times, political humor has become such a popular form of media that the number of people participating has grown exponentially. Today, popular TV shows such as The Daily Show is a prime example of how far this political humor has come. With the Internet in full swing, bloggers and columnists alike can share a common forum, and choose to jab at whichever pundits or poke fun at whatever new policies they choose. Political humor adds a bit of lightheartedness to an otherwise dull and often discouraging area of the American psyche.