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Pirate Jokes

Pirate jokes are shared and enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages. They are great family jokes; most of them are appropriate for everyone. There are all kinds of pirate jokes, kids’ jokes, dirty pirate jokes, and even pirate jokes exclusively for women. Pirate jokes originated basically from old legends and stories. They range from pirate treasure to pirate ships to the pirates themselves. There are lots of these jokes shared via the Internet and email. Some are rather generic, ending with a punch-line of ‘arrgh’, but others are very different. Below, some simple examples are listed.

Some Pirate Jokes

Why couldn’t the 13-year old get into the pirate movie? (Because it was rated aRRRgh!)
What is a pirate’s favorite subject? (aRRRt!)
This pirate walks into a bar with a ship’s wheel down his pants. The bartender says, ‘Hey, man, do you know you’ve got a wheel in your jeans?’ The pirate says, ‘Yeah, and it’s driving me nuts!’
What’s a pirate’s favorite cookie? (Chips Ahoy!)
Why did the pirate’s phone beep? (He left it off the hook!)
Why did the pirate buy half of a recliner? (He only had one leg to put up!)
To err is human, but to aRR is pirate.

History of Pirate Jokes

Pirate jokes have been around for a long time. The basic plot of pirate jokes has originated from the way pirates stereotypcially talked, using words such as ‘Arrgh’ and ‘ahoy’ and ‘matey.’ Aspects of this language were common to sailors in general, but pirates are apparently more jokeworthy! Like any group of people, the pirates had their own lingo that was sometimes unclear to outsiders. Pirates are usually seen as troublemakers, thieves, and criminals. They usually went around robbing others, sometimes even killing them, and the prizes they got from the victims were known as ‘loot’ or ‘booty.’ Lots of pirates even made their unique outfits from the items they stole. Most pirates stole things such as money or gold, expensive materials such as watches or jewels, clothes, and other things that were expensive or useful. That's why some pirate jokes revolve around the pirates' pursuit of treasARR.