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Office Humor

If you’re like most people, you work very hard to earn your living, and often find yourself caught up in an every day rut or stuck working overtime trying to meet pesky deadlines. Many people feel that they are overworked and underpaid. Luckily, office humor can help to alleviate some of the stress people feel while being stuck at their workplace each day. Many times, coworkers become fast friends, and the implementation of office humor helps that a great deal. Standing around the water cooler telling jokes, making fun of celebrities and things happening in the news, or even playing pranks of your boss (if you dare!) are great ways to insert some office humor into your dull work day. Aside from the hilarious jokes people like to tell about the boss, some people use pranks to get some office humor into their lives. The television show “The Office” is a prime example of this when the character Jim puts peoples’ office supplies in Jell-O.

Office humor can really make the long days seem shorter, and can often bring people closer together since laughs are shared by everyone. Many retailers have caught onto the popular concept of office humor, and they have marketed some rather unique gift ideas for people who work in a cubicle all day long. Some of these items can help to bring some smiles to the office, and can often help people keep their minds off the monotony. Gag gifts also make a great present for the boss at Christmas, and bring smiles to everyone. Since we live in such a fast paced world today, with lots of pressure and stress put on us, office humor is a great way to help ease some of the tension and make the day go by a lot faster.