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Mom Jokes

We all love our mothers, and can probably recall a time when we were younger and someone may have said something offensive about dear mom. When this happens, you know it can lead to an outburst, and sometimes even a fight. This tradition of resorting to putting down other people’s mothers has created a huge barrage of mom jokes. These jokes can range from hilarious to downright hurtful, and most are often known as “your momma jokes.” The joke usually starts off with the phrase, “Your momma,” and then continues from there, saying something about her weight, appearance, or even how she smells. These mom jokes have become a huge hit with teenagers and young people and now you can actually find books and listings on the Internet, all loaded with tons of hilarious mom jokes. While most of these jokes are usually only meant to be in good fun, some people may not find them so funny. It’s important when telling mom jokes that you do so only with people you know will take them lightly.

Mom jokes are a lot of fun especially when you’re with friends and you try to see how many of them you can come up with or remember. Sometimes, the mom jokes actually turn into a sort of contest to see whose jokes are the funniest. This can make for a few hours of good laughs and a lot of jabs with friends. While mom jokes are meant to be funny, sometimes they can be a little bit offensive, and downright rude, depending on the severity of the jokes. When telling mom jokes, just remember to take them lightly and don’t be offended by the nature of the joke. All in all, they can be a lot of fun for you and your friends. Just don't tell your mother.