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Lawyer Jokes

If you’ve ever needed any assistance when it comes to the courtroom, you know how irritating the entire process can be. Sometimes you don’t always get the attorney you’ve been hoping for, and you’re stuck with a lawyer who might be less than stellar when it comes to serving your needs. That’s why lawyer jokes have become such a popular and funny way to relieve the stress of dealing with the judicial process. Sometimes, the lawyers even use these jokes themselves! It’s not uncommon to see a group of them making fun at their own career field and even sometimes making fun of the judge as well! You can find a myriad of lawyer jokes online, and there are actual websites dedicated to having an entire database full of these lawyer jokes. While there’s always a good chance that court cases are serious and often very “unfunny,” lawyer jokes can often help to lighten the mood when things get grim. Just don't joke about your lawyer until he's finished defending you...he might not do such a good job!

Many famous politicians, philosophers, and even famous people have been quoted saying some pretty hilarious lawyer jokes over the centuries, so it’s no surprise that the traditions have been kept alive today. Since there are literally thousands of scenarios where a lawyer could be needed, there are also thousands of hilarious lawyer jokes that can be used. These jokes often poke fun at the lawyer himself, but in many cases they can also take a jab at the client. Sometimes these jokes have actually spawned from real life experiences or occurrences, while other times they may just be the fruit of someone’s roving imagination. Either way, lawyer jokes are a fun way to help make light of a sometimes serious situation, and bring the fun back into and out of the courtroom. They can help to lighten the mood and make people feel more relaxed so they can deal with their trials or court appearances, and help the lawyers themselves take a break.