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Knock Knock Jokes

Since we were kids, we were highly familiar with knock knock jokes and sometimes, we just say them to other people to have a good laugh and make fun of the person whom we thought that we have outwitted because of our funny punch lines. Also, this is a form of a different and hilarious pastime that we are so fond of in the past, and sometimes, even up to now that we are adults that we share with our friends and families or someone whom we like to break the ice off or say, the “awkward moment”.

However popular the knock knock jokes are among us, we sometimes fail to take a look deeper and research where this hilarious form of entertaining ourselves and others does really came from. For those who are curious about knowing more about it, here is a brief history that would shed light to us when it comes to the history and more about it.

Popularity Of Knock Knock Jokes

The popularity of knock knock jokes has been widely spread among different nations such as in North American countries like Canada and the United States. Europeans are also fascinated with the hilarity of this form of cracking jokes like the people from United Kingdom, Ireland, and France; also, people from Australia are also fond of it. The variations of the knock knock jokes could widely be recognized in France as a “toc toc” joke or in South Africa, which it is more popularly known as a “klop klop” joke. In the country of Brazil, however, the knock knock jokes are practically unknown.

On the other hand, the knock knock jokes were firstly noticed or recognized among South African school children during the 1950’s but up to now, the origins of it or its format is still uncertain. Just keep in mind that these jokes are cracked as a role playing game where one person (the one who is supposed to crack the joke) should involve another where he or she will tell the joke to.