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Kids Jokes

Kids like jokes too and so it is not only the adults who hang around together telling jokes to one another. There are many classic kids jokes and you can find books that are dedicated to the subject.

Kid jokes follow a few forms and people will use these styles to create new jokes for children. Jokes for children can have a wide audience because there is no offensive language used and the topic is never considered adult or dirty. These types of jokes are suitable for telling other family members and repeating in the classroom.

The Knock Knock Joke

One type of kids joke that is familiar to almost everybody is the knock knock joke. In a typical knock knock joke, the first person, who is telling the joke, starts off by pretending to “Knock, knock” Most people know to respond with “Who's there?” The first person replies with an answer to this question. The second person repeats the answer, adding “____ who?” to the end of it. The final reply creates an unexpected answer that results in the joke. Kids under twelve can't get enough of this kind of joke. Knock knock jokes typically use puns or wordplay to be amusing.

Other types of jokes that kids tell each other are the "doctor, doctor” type, scary jokes and silly jokes. It is possible to hear kids telling each other the same jokes that their grandparents generation told each other when they were kids. Kids jokes are popular forms of entertainment for youngsters and there are many forms of jokes for children.

You can find collections of kids jokes in books, magazines and on many websites on the Internet. Kids jokes are a favorite form of literature for kids when they are first discovering books and magazines, which are great for helping youngsters, learn to read.