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What is A Joke Of The Day?

A joke of the day is one joke on a certain site, and it will be different each day. It can pertain to the day itself, but most times they’re totally random. These jokes of the day will more than likely have links that take you to other sites about jokes. Websites have jokes of the day to lighten up your mood, to find humor in a certain topic, or even to make fun of a famous person who was born on that day. . A joke of the day can really brighten someone’s spirits. There will also be links to where you can send these jokes to friends, or you can even subscribe to jokes of the day, without ever having to visit the site again. They’ll automatically get sent to you in your email. You can also do this for a friend. And the best part is—it’s free!

Where Can I Find Jokes of The Day?

Sites advertising for businesses will sometimes have them. These businesses know that laughter is very helpful and will more than likely help you get on the good side of the business. Other sites such as sites that you can chat with people or communication sites will sometimes have them. There are sites dedicated solely to jokes, which will almost always have a joke of the day, more or less just to give an example of the site. Other sites such as email sites will have them, and this is where it will be easy to subscribe to the jokes for free, or email them to friends. There are also periodicals and magazines that will have jokes of the day, and the joke will change with each issue of the magazine. Some magazines both online and offline are devoted exclusively to humor, so you’ll be sure to find them in there.

Let’s Hear A Joke of the Day

Disappearance: A woman reported her husband missing to the police. The policeman asked, ‘Is there any message you’d like us to tell your husband if we find him?’ The woman replied, ‘Yes, tell him mother didn’t visit after all.’ Jokes like this are funny because we can all relate to people in them.