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Humor is a priceless commodity that helps a person become wise and also will let him or her face life with optimism and it makes living more colorful while doing wonders for a person’s confidence as well. And, the best part is that with humor jokes one can transmit joy into the lives of other people and given that there is humor in everything we do, it can be likened to the blossoming of a flower in spring time.

Humor jokes can breathe fresh live into different situations is it a stalled negotiation or a trying time in a relationship. With a mere few words, humor will help dissolve trying and testing times and the person telling such jokes will also immediately attract attention and become the focus of other’s attention.

Humor jokes are also great as icebreakers and are a wonderful means to make a good beginning with the opposite sex, and when told well, can create a lasting and positive first impression. In addition, it also can gain sympathy for the teller and it may also result in others loving you more for having told an especially humorous humor joke.

So, given that these jokes are good for you and for those around you, you need to know a few things to help you tell them in a better manner. First off, know your jokes well and be clear in what you saying even if it is adlibbing, and secondly, you should also understand your audience well since some jokes may not be appropriate for certain audiences which you should bear in mind. When telling such jokes, you should have an element of surprise about the joke since that will put the audience on the back foot and make for more laughs. And, also makes sure to have punch lines ready, and a strong conclusion will also help to get best results from your humor jokes.