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Graduation Jokes

Funny graduation jokes are a great way to add some fun and excitement to after graduation parties. You can also use funny graduation jokes during speeches to make sure that your graduation speech is as funny as it is memorable.

Graduation is such a special time in someone’s life. It is an event that is never forgotten and by adding a touch of humor, you can ensure that everyone will remember graduation in a fun way.

Graduation jokes are best if they are personalized to the individual student. You can use them to show your appreciation of the hard work the student has put forth, yet still make it funny. For example, if the student really liked to be social and connected to her cell phone at all times, you might say something like, “Angela did so well, and worked very hard. She even took some time off from talking on the phone in order to study.” Or, “Given all the time that Toby spent playing video games, we're expecting him to major in it when he goes off to college. He'll get honors for sure.” This type of comment is appropritate for a family gathering, rather than a speech in front of a large crowd.

Graduation is also a great time to give humorous advice about the future. Whether it's a high school or college graduation, funny graduation jokes about the future can be a memorable way to pass wisdom on to the next generation. If you take the time to develop a witty and true anecdote or joke, chances are it will actually be remembered at a time when the new graduate needs it.

Telling graduation jokes is an excellent way to ensure that your graduation speech is funny, humorous, and entertaining and that the graduation parties that you attend are unforgettable.