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Golf Jokes

Golfing is a very popular past time for men and women of all ages worldwide and this is a big part of the reason that golf jokes are so popular. There are many different kinds of golf jokes and some are catered towards men that are obsessed with golf and these types of jokes tend to be popular among the wives of golf fanatics. There are also many good golf jokes that golfing buddies will tell each other while they are out shooting a round or two of golf. A place where you might see some good jokes related to golfing are on bumper stickers and t shirts, a very popular one says “I’d rather be golfing” or another one that is seen frequently says “I’d rather be driving a titleist”.

It is only natural for there to be many good golf jokes since the popularity of golf is at an all time high, and there are many men and women alike that would easily take a day off of work if they had the opportunity to go play a couple rounds of golf, and that is why you will also hear many good golf jokes relating to golf and calling in sick to work. Every popular sport and pastime has plenty of jokes that go with it, and golf just happens to be a big target since it is so popular, but many other sports also have lots of good jokes about the sport. Many people also crack jokes about golf just because they do not understand it, so some will make jokes about hitting the ball and then chasing it with a little car. To folks that do not understand golf it can look like a boring sport, when in fact it is actually quite a good time, and just spending the day and relaxing while golfing and telling golf jokes relating to your buddies skills is a great way to relax.