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Funny Wedding Vows

Usually, weddings bring us great joy because not only it is a celebration of two people uniting in to one, but they are also the ultimate symbol of love and is considered to be one of the few milestones a couple would share. Sometimes, due to the heartwarming representation of this day, tears of joy are unavoidable and one thing that you could do to make the mood lighter and relieve the tension during the wedding.

Tips To Make Your Wedding Vow

Though writing a personalized wedding vow could seem to be a hard task, probably, the best thing that you could do in order to deliver you promise to your loved one and at the same time, relieve your tension and your audience’s is to make it funny. Keep in mind though that even if your wedding day should be taken seriously, you are allowed to have a bit of fun thus, creating a funny wedding vow that is cute and heartfelt.

One thing to remember when you want to add humor to your personalizing your wedding vow is to keep it short, sweet, and heartwarming. And, remember that your vows, though funny as it may seem should be sincere and you only have a short time to say it. So, if half of the time you are attempting to make the audience laugh, then the whole effect of the heartfelt promise of love would be ruined and you would not get the kind of effect or reaction that you are hoping for.

Try to telling some unforgettable funny story would be great, but please, keep in mind to keep it short because not all people are generally interested and may not really relate to the story you and your partner have shared. Try using an anecdote or imagery to somehow represent your love to your partner and please do try not to over exaggerate. You know the song by Adam Sandler that was performed in the “Wedding Singer” that is entitled “Grow Old With You”? With lines like, “I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad…”, pretty much something like that is funny but heartwarming and sincere.