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Funny Videos

Where Can I Find Funny Videos?

Funny videos are everywhere. They can be found on the Internet, on TV, on pretty much any electronic device that plays videos. There are shows on TV that show funny, interesting videos that have actually happened to real people. There are Internet sites that are made exclusively for funny videos, and some websites that are not made for videos, but have pictures and things, also have videos on them. Even sites such as chatting and communication sites feature the option of putting videos on your own personal site or profile.

What Are Funny Videos?

Funny videos are pretty much any clip of film featuring something humorous, strange, or interesting that happened to someone or something. For example, the video of a man being hit in the face with a door. The handle of the door of a building fell off of a glass door, and just at that moment, the doorman noticed that someone was coming downstairs. The doorman held the handle up to the door, as if it was attached to the door. Since the door was glass, the man exiting the building did not notice this. The doorman made the motion of swinging the door open, and the other man tipped his hat and made to exit the building. Just then, he ran into the glass door with no handle. This is just one example of a funny video.

Are All Funny Videos Real?

No. Funny Videos can be fake or staged, but some of them are real. For example, the video about the doorman and the fake door was probably staged. Though this could have actually happened to someone, that particular video was probably not real. Funny videos can also be cartoons and animations. They don’t even have to be real film to be humorous. Usually the animated videos are telling a cute story with a bit of a joke added into it. While videos that are staged can still be funny, there’s nothing like a real video, in which someone just happened to be filming at that moment. Some TV shows have real funny videos. Some you see on computers and things are usually fake or staged. Some people do a very good job at staging videos, so sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not funny videos are real or fake. Nevertheless, they’re still great to watch!