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Funny Video

As unfortunate as it may be, a funny video seems to draw more laughs when someone gets hurt. The element of surprise is often used to create humor in videos, but in many of those that get the most laughs the ending is often apparent. For example, a person riding a bicycle into a lake screams to the audience the bike is going to stop and the rider will tumble over the handlebars and into the lake. When it happens as expected, it still gets a lot of laughs.

Candid Videos Provide The Most Laughs

Some of the most successful attempts at humor on tape are the ones that happen accidentally. Several people may produce a funny video by setting up a scenario and then trying to make it look as though the outcome was an accident. For the most part, these staged videos may be humorous but it’s the person who is caught doing something funny while not expecting to see themselves on tape afterwards that make the most out of a situation.

Expressions Can Be Priceless On Video

Despite the changes that humor has undergone over the years, slapstick comedy is still an audience favorite. People hurting themselves or caught in the act of being stupid can provide fodder for a funny video any day of the week. Especially helpful to the comedy industry are videos that show the facial expressions of the people in the video. Many times the look on their faces is worth more than any spoken words.

Getting Laughs By Playing Dumb

The success of a funny video can be traced back to the beginning of the television era when most networks shied away from television shows that contained political content. Most programs were produced to show wholesome family values or to garner laughs by placing the “star” of the show in ridiculous situations. It was often the fact they would allow themselves to be stuck in those circumstances that made the routine funny.