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Funny T Shirts

Funny t-shirts can be seen everywhere; almost everyone has at least a few funny t-shirts in their closests. Some t-shirts are more of a statement showing how you feel about certain situation in a humorous way (which, as some of the big comedians will tell you, is one of the best ways to get your point across.) Things that make you laugh, including funny t-shirts, stay in your memory more than some other things.

Another good use of funny t-shirts is to break the ice when in a new place or meeting new people. What better way to lighten the tension then a good laugh? And if the people you are meeting are smiling when they see your t-shirt, it makes you feel better and more comfortable to approach them and strike up a conversation. Or they may even approach you and comment on your shirt.

Other funny t-shirts are less of a statement and more for just plain humor. Whole stores are created just to sell these funny t-shirts to the consumer, which shows how big the demand can be. Lots of these shirts contain cartoon styled characters and bright colors , caricatures of famous people, or silly phrases from popular culture. With cartoons being one of the bigger forms of media and entertainment today it only makes sense that there is a form of clothing out there representing the show or movie. Aside from just being a good laugh or showing that you enjoy the show, it’s also a form of advertisement for the show or movie. By wearing their shirts you’re publicizing the show to other people.

With all these reasons and for just a good laugh you can easily see why the demand is there. Who wouldn’t want to be the bringer of bright spirits to a room, and what better way to do so then with funny t-shirts? Even if you're shy, it’s a good method since you needn’t do more then just show up wearing the shirt.