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Funny Stories

Being able to tell good stories requires a certain amount of skill and given that telling stories is in it quite a normal part of everyday life, the sooner one learns the required skills, the better and funnier are the stories going to be. So, if you wish to make yourself into a good story teller, you should welcome whatever advice you get and incorporate it in order to tell funny stories naturally and without any great effort.

Include Quotes

There are a few simple ways in which to improve your skills in telling good funny stories and a good way to do so would be by including quotes, and for that you should make it a point to always have many quotable quotes in your memory and they could be learnt from different sources is it a favorite TV comedy or famous lines from a movie. Quotations add fun to the story and those who have heard the quote will be sure to appreciate them while those that have not heard it will probably find them amusing.

Another important facet to telling good funny stories is being enthusiastic in the way you tell the story which will make the listener is more taken up with what is being said and thus will enjoy the story even more. And, when you are narrating your story, make sure to stay uninvolved and not laugh at your jokes because that would ruin everything. It is also ok if others don’t find your story all that funny because it is difficult to be funny all of the time.

The bottom line with telling funny stories is that with repetition and lot of practice, you could turn out to be a great and also hilarious storyteller who will, in time, even is able to earn a good reputation at the craft.