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Funny Sounds

Our surroundings in our lives can be quite entertaining at times since you will always hear new and interesting funny sounds. There are many kinds of funny sounds, whether they are just a natural occurrence or if they are manmade sounds. One of the sounds that is extremely funny to many people are some of the funny sounds that the human body makes, such as farting and burping, which can create many funny moments among friends. This is why the very simple fart machine toy that can be found in many novelty stores is so popular, and in most novelty stores you will also find many other different kinds of funny sound machines including funny sounds from cartoon characters and other funny cartoon sounds. Cartoons are usually always loaded with funny sounds and animations, this is one of their largest appeals to both kids and adults. There are even cd’s that you can buy that contain nothing but funny noises and funny voices.

Sometimes the human body will just make some funny sounds besides farting and burping, such as some of the sounds that your stomach will make when you are getting hungry, and many people tend to sometimes make some pretty funny and interesting noises while they are sleeping. No matter where you go or what you are doing you are bound to hear some funny sounds, and some of these you might not always notice. An example is someone at your workplace moving a chair that makes a funny sound, causing everyone else around you to think that you farted. Sometimes you just need to listen to your surroundings and when you do this you are bound to hear some interesting sounds. Old houses also tend to make some really funny noises as they settle when the years go on, sometimes these noises can be just as equally scary though.