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Funny Signs

Funny signs are one of the favorite ways to make people laugh unintentionally and this is why people like funny signs so much. You can find comical signs everywhere if you look and many people like to share the hilarious signs with others.

You can share the signs that you find online and in collections of the photographs, wording and spelling of comical signs in books, magazines and newsletters. The types of signs that people gather can be from stores, restaurants, gas stations, road signs, street names, town names and directional signs.

Just Misunderstood

Many signs are funny because such simple language is used that it is easy to assign other meanings to the sign. The misunderstood signs are funny because the way that the sign translates into another language is unintentionally funny. Comical signs are funny because you can find misspellings of very simple words and the sign is used in an obvious place that makes the mistake even more obvious. It is particularly funny when it is a simple word like "stop" that is the misspelled word.

There are so many funny signs being used that you can find websites that are dedicated to the topic and which feature a new funny sign every week or every day depending on how many visitors that the page has. You can find collections of signs from different regions, countries and in a variety of languages. You can also find funny signs as the theme topic of books.

Funny signs are made even more hilarious because signs are usually meant to be serious and when a person misspells a word or uses language that can be meant to convey unrelated and unexpected concepts, it creates a message that is funny to many people. When you expect one message and receive another instead, it sets the stage for a laugh as your reaction.