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Funny Sex Games

Having to play some funny sex games are usually titillating to the senses that would leave all the girls giggling on the side while blushing especially if it involves some guys. On the other hand, playing this type of games could usually be seen and played during a wedding shower or a bachelorette party where the bride-to-be, along with her girlfriends to somehow titillate and give naughty pieces of advice to the would-be-bride. It is also a good way to entertain the people at the party and know more about the juicy and naughty details about the bride-to-be.

Types Of Sex Games

Probably, one of the many popular funny sex games that are usually played on bridal showers is the “Gossiping” where you get to know more about the funny and most of the time, private and intimate moments about the couple which is really, the main objective of the game. The game is prepared when the host of the party and the would-be-bride would write down titillating, sexy, and funny questions like, “Who was Jessica’s first kiss?” or “When was the bride and groom brought a lingerie?” or “When did they begin to use it?”. When the guests of the party arrive, each of them would have thirty minutes to come up with the answer while trying to avoid the bride directly.

Another popular funny sex games that are usually played on bridal showers is the “Kiss The Bride’s Ass” where the objective of the game is pretty much like the game that are usually played in children’s parties which is the “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”. Only this time, what you could do to is to cut a picture of the bride and put it on the donkey’s face or draw a caricature of the bride where all the participants who would stand on a single file would put a red lipstick to kiss the bride’s ass and the person who landed the closest kiss on the bride’s ass wins.