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Familial relationships, relationships with members of the other sex and close friendships often have strong bonds that keep them flourishing even when life is tough. The reason for this is the shared experiences and oftentimes the funny sayings that have been spoken during certain situations can keep your relationship tight even when you haven’t been able to spend enough time together.

When you have a long lasting type of relationship with someone or someones, funny sayings that have been uttered in the past is a great way to conjure up happy times and memories that can give you a warm feeling inside. People who share funny sayings and special memories and moments have a greater chance at succeeding in long term relationships than those who don’t.

Funny sayings can be simple things that your child has said in an awkward situation, and oftentimes when you and your significant other hear something that is familiar, you will make knowing eye contact and smile remembering when your child was repeating funny sayings too.

When you haven’t seen a friend for sometime, sharing memories of funny sayings and situations can make you seem as if you are close, even if you are thousands of miles away from each other.

Funny sayings amongst family members are a usual thing, and most members of the family know the drill. Most times it is just a simple word or phrase that will have the whole clan laughing at funny sayings that Grandpa or Uncle Bill said. It can bring tears of joy and laughter to your family’s eyes remembering the funny sayings of those who have passed on. It is a wonderful way to keep the missing family member in everyone’s hearts and minds.