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Funny Ringtones

Everyone with a cell phone nowadays has a different kind of ringtone, whether it is a basic one that is already on the phone or if it is one that was downloaded. There are many different music ringtones and also funny ringtones that you can get for your phone. You can even have both and have the funny ringtones set for certain callers and different custom ringtones for other callers. When people hear your funny ringtones it may even make them laugh and it will also show that you are obviously a person with a good sense of humor. Some of the more popular funny ringtones are clips of famous comedian quotes, funny movie quotes, funny songs, and even just funny noises. One thing that you should always remember with custom ringtones is to turn your phone to vibrate in certain places, especially when you are at work or other places where a loud ringtone may be a distraction.

If you are feeling really creative and you are good with music editing programs you can create your own funny ringtones and even music ringtones, this way you know you will have your own unique ringtone for your cell phone. Creating your own ring tone will require a program where you cut and trim your mp3’s or other sound files. Many times you will see commercials that show funny ringtones that you can buy for fairly cheap and some of these have become very popular, such as the one with the crazy high pitch singing frog. No matter what you like there is bound to be a ringtone for you, and this can also show a little bit of your personality every time your phone rings. Cell phones are extremely common today and it seems almost everybody has one, and a large percentage of people with cell phones also have special ringtones.