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Funny Retirement Poems

When a coworker retires it is often a time of mixed emotions. There is usually sadness felt by the retiree as well as his or her fellow coworkers. Sometimes, the retiree also feels anxiety regarding the future while having a sense of excitement and joy as well. It is very common for a company to have a retirement party so that all of the workers will have a chance to officially say good-bye to the retiree.

A great way to ensure that a retirement party is fun and memorable is to recite funny retirement poems. This can be accomplished when making a speech to celebrate the guest of honor. If you are going to give a toast to the retiree, consider reciting funny retirement poems. Not only will this be a great way to lighten the mood, but also everyone will laugh and enjoy the humor. Try to personalize funny retirement poems to show your appreciation of the individual.

This is especially useful if you think that the retiree seems a little sad over the new changes. He or she may feel uncomfortable regarding the attention and the new direction his or her life is taking. The funny poems and jokes can help improve the mood of the party and ensure that it is a joyous event.

Some great themes to base your funny retirement poems on include being absentminded, over the hill, or playing golf. Any of these themes will work great for funny retirement poems and you can include your poem in a card as well.

If you are at a loss of what to give the retiree for a gift, why not consider creating your own retirement card and including the poem in the center. You can make your own unique cards on your computer, and if you get your coworkers to help, you can make a very sentimental card that includes notes, comments, or photos of all of the workers.