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Funny Pictures

What Defines A Funny Picture?

It’s kind of hard to get funny pictures. When something funny is happening, it can be difficult to capture this with a camera. You might be better off getting it on video, but sometimes you can do it with a picture. Funny pictures are usually pre-arranged, such as the photographer tells the group or the subject to do a funny pose. One thing that really helps out funny pictures are captions written with the picture. This can be a description, a short sentence, a name, or even a minor story. The picture itself doesn’t even have to be funny; it can even be goofy or stupid, but with the right witty caption, it can make a person laugh. For example, you could have a goofy photo of someone making a weird face and a peace sign, with the caption of ‘Original Gangster’ under it. This makes the picture funny, because it’s jokey. There are many possibilities when it comes to making your own funny pictures.

What Are Funny Pictures Used For?

Funny photos can be used for a lot of things. A big trend is to put them in things such as scrapbooks or picture books. You can also post them on the Internet for people to see. If you’ve got the right equipment on a computer to do this, you can make your own greeting card with a funny picture of a family member, friend, the person, or you. Funny pictures are good anecdotes to certain situations, and they can really lift people’s spirits. If someone is in the hospital, you might send them a greeting card with an amusing photo of them or one of their friends, and sometimes maybe even make a jest of the situation. You should be careful when joking about a certain situation however; make sure the person won’t get offended, or the joke or photo will not be hurtful. Funny photos can also be used to get back at your friends, but in a joking manner. This is a great way to seek playful revenge! Humorous pictures are also found in things like birthday cards, even though they could be fake, such as a dog with a beer bottle in its mouth, making a joke about age.