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Funny Pick Up Lines

One thing that will always cause a good laugh among women are some of the funny pick up lines that they have heard at different times in their lives. Women that like to go out to local clubs and bars are more prone to hearing these funny pick up lines more frequently than others, but all women will hear some great ones at different times in their lives. Some men will try and be serious about these pick up lines while others may just be joking around and being sarcastic because they know how many of these funny lines you will hear or have already heard. There are some very funny female comedians that incorporate humor relating to the dating scene into their stand up routines, and many times some of the jokes you will hear will be about some extremely funny pick up lines.

Sharing stories of some of the lines you have heard with your friends and coworkers can always be good for some good laughs whether you are trying to lighten the day at work or just spending some time with your friends. This is something that will always be going on and there will always be new funny pick up lines that guys will come up with, whether it is as a joke or if they are actually trying to be serious. I am sure that many of the funny pick up lines that have become legendary were created by men who were actually trying to be serious and pick up girls, you just wonder how many times they have been laughed at before they realized it was a bad and hilarious attempt at a pick up line. Sometimes I am sure it also works when you meet a woman with a good sense of humor, which is why many guys will use humorous pick up lines in an attempt to make a lady laugh.