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Those who wish to live life to its fullest often tend to surround themselves with witty, charismatic, and funny people. In fact, it may or may not be surprising to find out that funny people are actually considered more attractive. There are many more benefits to having a sense of humor; however, there are some characteristics to avoid in order to maintain that contagious personality. Avoiding the negative or putting a positive spin on it is helpful.

Funny people are usually very positive thinkers and enjoy less stress than the average person. Funny people are able to live up to the old adage that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. They are able to find something humorous, or find a clever observation to make light of the most stressful and difficult situations. Funny people are also apt to make more friends, enjoy long lasting relationships and happiness, and are more productive at work leading to a higher success rate.

Funny people also have the ability to relieve emotional distress and brighten the day for others, many making careers out of their quick wit and clever observations they make in day-to-day life as comedians. Some examples of these are stand-up comics like George Carlin, known for his often politically and philosophically charged performances and Christopher Titus who regales viewers with anecdotes about his less than perfect family life. Another form of comedy is prop comedy most recently made popular by Carrot Top, a red-haired performer who carries a trunk full of props and inventions designed to play on words to evoke a reaction from the audience.

There are times in which infectiously funny people could be ill received. Jokes made to intentionally to harm people, made about tragic events, and about topics generally considered in poor taste, are usually received with jeers. There are also places and times for appropriate joking to occur. Formal functions, religious ceremonies, and other events are never usually the right venue to score a few laughs.