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Funny One Liners

If you are at a party and are looking for a great way to get the laughter rolling, you may want to try your delivery at funny one liners. Funny one liners are short jokes that are delivered with a quick and matter of fact tone. They are excellent for breaking the ice and getting a room full of people talking.

Often, funny one liners are more than just humorous tid bits. Sometimes, they actually contain a deep thought or sentiment that causes the hearer to stop and pause for a minute. After they reflect upon the witty statement, the laughter usually follows.

If you are trying to meet someone of the opposite sex, you’ll find that short jokes and funny one liners are a great way to break the ice and make an introduction. They can be intended for a general audience, or may be more mature or adult in nature and tone. May West was known for delivering many one liners that had an adult overtone, even though they were considered to be funny.

Not only are one liners a great source of humor and an excellent way to bring some life to a party, they can also be used as a marketing tool. If you are in sales, using one liners in a creative manner can have tremendous benefits. Whether it is used as a slogan, or on a campaign, with just the right touch of humor, your one liner can bring business.

One liners can also make great headlines for profiles. If you are involved in online dating and need to create an ad, why not try a short one liner for your headline. You’re sure to attract some admirers when they read your headline and break into a smile. You’ll discover that there are many creative and witty ways to use one liners.