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Funny Nicknames

A nickname is a term of endearment that’s used to show affection towards someone else. Many husbands and wives have funny nicknames for each other that they may only use in private. These funny nicknames might be a little embarrassing if someone were to find out, but they are usually a symbol of love and show that the couple is comfortable around each other. Some examples of funny nicknames that couples often share are things like “honey bunny”, “love bug”, “cinnamon bun”, and “sweetie pie” just to name a few. Of course, funny nicknames are not just limited to couples in love. Sports players have perhaps the highest number of funny nicknames of all. For example, “Joltin’” Joe DiMaggio, Michael “Air” Jordan, O.J. “The Juice” Simpson, and Eldrick “Tiger” Woods are just a few of the many examples that are used in the world of sports.

Funny nicknames can also be for a number of political figures such as the President, his Vice President, presidential candidates, and members of Congress and the Senate. A number of political satire television shows, websites, and newspaper columnists have all come up with some pretty amusing funny nicknames for those involved in the world of politics. Actors and actresses can often find themselves the butt of a good joke from time to time as well. Many funny nicknames have been given to hundreds of celebrities, often as a result of the things they’ve done that have earned them a place in the tabloid headlines. Close friends often come up with funny nicknames for each other, too. Usually these nicknames are considered “inside jokes” since the person probably earned their nickname by doing something that only the friends who came up with the nickname witnessed. No matter what the situation, funny nicknames make everyone smile.