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Funny Names

The first kind of funny names are the names that make people laugh. And if you’re the one stuck with this name, sometimes it can seem not so funny. The following names are all real, and can be found in the simplest of places, such as a phone book. These make you wonder what some of these unfortunate souls’ parents were thinking.

Cox Dixon, William Dickgraber, Craven Dick, Dick Israel Small, Jim Nasium, Al Kaholic, Tommy Gun, April Furst, Aquarius Waters, Bunker Hill, Candy Barr, Dwight Christmas, Gary Cowman, (spokesperson for National Cattle Association), Handel You, Kris Kringle, Naket Reggs, Sayonora Beys Abbey Rhode (musician), Anne Surfones (telephone operator) and Ginger Vitus (dentist).

Funny Business Names

The following are names of real businesses, guaranteed to make you laugh. Some are intentional, but others, well, we think folks just weren’t on the right track…

Mammoth Erections, Atlanta Wee Wee Inspector, Touch Wood, Cycle Path, Cave Interiors Renovators, The Bag Dad, Salt and Battery, Garden of Eat’n, Boxwell Bros. Funeral Arrangements, Wok N Roll, and Bead It. As mentioned, some of the names were thought up on accident, such as Bang Kok.

Funny People Names

The second kind of funny names are names that people make up for one another. Some can be quite offensive, but you’ve got to admit, they’re pretty good! Here are some old classics, normally used by small schoolchildren: four-eyes (for people with glasses), metal mouth (for people with braces), freckle-face (for people with freckles, shrimp (for skinny kids), toothpick (also for skinny kids). There are other nicknames that people give to others, but they vary depending on the person.

Funny Song Names

There are also many funny song names out there made by those kooky artists. Most of these are intentional. Big Ten Inch (Record), Forget The Night (Help Me Make It Through The Door), If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?, I Still Miss You Baby But My Aim’s Getting Better, I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana, My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Sure Do Miss Him, Noses Run In My Family, The Beer I Had For Breakfast Is Comin’ Back For Lunch, Time Wounds All Heels. Stuff like this can often make you wonder what is wrong with some people!