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Funny My Space Comments

Have you ever clicked onto a friend, or even a stranger’s my space account and found the funniest comments? Have you ever wished you were so clever that your my space comments would rock the instant message underground and the check out my profile world?

Coming up with funny my space comments can get someone who has never had hits or interest, a ton of questions and pique when they post funny my space comments on their page. It can be hard for those who are shy in the real world to open up when they are in the cyber world, but many people are feeling the same way.

A great place to troll for funny my space comments are in old movies. Old movies and old sitcoms are a hidden treasure of things that can be incorporated into funny my space accounts. The whole reason people have a my space account is to be noticed, and with funny my space account comments that is exactly what you will be doing.

If you are the originator of the funny my space account comments, you are probably feeling pretty good about yourself. That is good because we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we do best. Oftentimes we sit and wait for others to tell us that there is funny my space comments on our page instead of having the confidence ok knowing that our funny my space comments are really funny and really good.

Of course, you must take into consideration the age group you are dealing with when you are looking to post funny my space comments. If you are looking to attract older women, you will have to curb any wild and wooly funny my space comments.