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Funny movies are appreciated by all movie fans and there are usually always a couple good comedies a year that dominate the box office charts over all kinds of other movies. Comedies are probably one of the most popular types of movies since they can be enjoyed by almost everyone, and without humor and comedy there would be a lot more tension in the world. Some of the very first movies in history were funny movies, some of them were silent movies but they were still meant to make people laugh and they did. Funny movies have always had a place in the hearts of all movie lovers and this continues to this day, some of the biggest box office hits in the history of the movie business are comedies. Movies in general are part of thee culture we know and are popular worldwide, and every where movies are enjoyed there are also comedies that top the charts. There are some funny motion pictures that you will see and never forget, and many good comedies have spawned many extremely funny and memorable quotes.

There are plenty of funny movies that are intended for kids but can also be quite funny for parents as well, and many of the larger children’s movie companies such as Pixar and Disney are getting great at making these kinds of comedies that have humor for everyone. Funny movies can also be a good choice for a first date movie and they can sometimes serve as a good icebreaker to help you both relax on a first date. This can also create some good laughs and good conversation after a movie and will help to keep the conversation lively and entertaining. Comedies can also help cheer up someone when they are having one of them lazy down feeling sort of days or periods of their lives, humor in a way is a great therapy for many people and the movie business ensures great comedies keep coming out.