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Funny Movie Quotes

Popular quotes are a great form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by many people and you can find funny movie quotes that are suited to almost every situation. There is such great variety in funny movie quotes because there are so many movies that fit into so many genres and involve a variety of situations.

Funny Writers

Many funny movie quotes are the result of a team of excellent writers who are able to come up with funny lines for different characters on a regular basis. When a film is packed with hilarious lines then the movie is bound to be successful because that is the purpose of the film.

Not Meant To Be Funny

Sometimes you can find funny movie quotes that were actually meant to be serious but for some reason, the quote is funny. This can happen in the most unlikely of movies including horror, documentary, romance and heavy drama. These can be the funniest types of movie quotes and their ability to make people laugh can be timeless.

Popularity Of Some Funny Quotes

Some comical movie quotes have become so popular that they find their way into everyday language and can even become a cliché. If a movie quote is very funny, you can see the movie quote on t-shirts, posters, pins and other accessories. Some movie quotes may not have been funny to begin with but as they age, they begin to assume a humorous quality particularly when they are applied to an unlikely situation.

Since movies are such a popular form of entertainment, almost everybody can identify a few favorite funny movie quotes from different genres of films. Funny film quotes have been occurring ever since sound was added to the filmmaking process and these type of tidbits that can provoke such merriment will probably never go out of style.