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Funny Money

The term funny money is definitely something that not only has a catchy sound, but has a lot of different meanings. Most people refer to the term funny money as a way of saying they have extra cash to do things with like buy something they want, go out to dinner, or even go on a vacation. Often people who work hard and don’t make a lot of money will refer to this funny money as a way of saying they have a little bit extra to burn. When they do get their “funny money,” it’s usually used to do something fun with friends and family, or to buy something they’ve had their eye on for quite a while. The term funny money is also commonly called this by the IRS, FBI, and other government agencies as slang for fake or counterfeit money. The term was coined several decades ago, and is still commonly used when fake money is found.

Funny Money is also the name of a play, and a movie starring comedian Chevy Chase. The move is a comedy about an every day man who happens to find five million dollars one day, and hilarious capers ensue. There are also many financial and money management books that use the phrase funny money. These are usually written to teach people how to invest wisely as well as how to save their money. It is also the name of a fictitious book, as well as the catch phrase for many people when just talking about money in general. Sometimes the term funny money is used when talking about people who do NOT manage their money wisely. This sets an example for other people who feel that their money is meant to be spent frivolously, instead of on things they need or on paying down debts. Funny money isn't so funny when it lands you in financial trouble!