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Funny Horses

Horses are bold, beautiful, and strong animals. They have been our source of transportation, our machinery, and our friends for centuries, and are often the symbol of power and strength. While most people view horses as an animal deserving of our respect, there are some funny horses that pull hilarious stunts or do some pretty silly things to make us laugh. Of all of the funny horses, perhaps the most famous was Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed was the star of a hit television program back in the 1960s. He talked to his owner Wilbur in the stables and kept viewers of all ages in stitches for many generations to come. Funny horses can also be found in many different cartoons, movies, and books. Sometimes, pictures of funny horses can reveal the animals’ true sense of humor. There have even been some pretty funny horses used in Budweiser commercials!

While most of us don’t think of horses as being very funny animals, the fact is that they are very aware of their surroundings, and have a sort of sixth sense about the human condition. Many horses get to know their owners and trainers so well, that they can almost sense what really pushes their buttons. There have been a lot of movies about funny horses, and they usually leave us looking at these majestic animals in a whole new light. A lot of what makes horses a little bit silly is their teeth. When a horse neighs, often you can see its gum line and huge teeth. This can look pretty funny particularly in the right context and makes for a good laugh. There are also lots of jokes out there about funny horses. So the next time you see a horse and think of its beauty and power, also remember that these animals can be sweet and hilarious as well.