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Funny Graduation Speeches

Although, very funny graduation speeches may not be appropriate for the big day, it is okay to spice up your graduation speech with a little bit of humor. Many speeches can be too long winded if there are no humorous aspects to it. You can add touches of humor to your graduation speech by following a few tips.

Humor Is Useful

It is possible to add humor when you are trying to be persuasive or informative. You can also soften a controversial topic with touch of humor, which can help break down any resistance to the topic. For instance, if you are talking about the tough times that you went through to graduate, you can lighten the mood with a funny story about your experiences.

Funny School Stories

You can illustrate a point that you are trying to get across by inserting a funny story at that point. Choose stories that explain what it has been like to be a student from a comical point of view and that lets the listeners know that humor was always a part of going to school. Adding humor into your speech in this way can be easier and more natural than trying to come up with the right joke.

You can add humorous touches to your graduation speech by talking about an embarrassing moment at school, a funny memory, being caught doing something or unbelievable but true stories from your school years. You can choose a funny story that will be appropriate to all the members of the audience if you put some effort into it.

If you like funny graduation speeches and you want to write one of your own, go ahead and do it because funny graduation speeches are usually memorable because most graduation speeches are treated as a serious subject.