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Funny Games

Funny games are comical to watch and participate in because of the unexpected things that can happen during these games. Here are three funny games that involve skill and dexterity in the communication and physical areas.


Charades is a game that can be done with different sized groups and you can play this game in teams. You do not need any props although some more elaborate charades games can be performed with costumes and props. The object is to guess the word or words that the person or group is trying to convey through wordless communication that can include hand signals for rhyming cues, number of words and syllables. The fun is in watching people act out phrases and words. The charades game is one of the classic funny games that have been enjoyed for a long time.

In Your Ear

A story game that can have funny results has many names and here this game will be referred to as "In Your Ear.” You'll need at least a few participants, with funnier results the larger the group is. One or two persons, who decide on a short message that is to be passed around the group from one person to another, start it. The message is to be whispered in the next person's ear. The last person says the message aloud and it is compared to the original message. It can be surprising how much a message can change so easily and quickly.

Orange Game

One of the funny games played at wedding or baby showers involved the use of a orange or grapefruit. This game can be played with a group of people and in teams. The object is to hold an orange with your neck, chin, walk a line, and then pass the orange onto the next person who also only uses their neck. The winning person or team can pass along an orange without dropping it. Watching people perform this trick can be very funny.

Funny games are popular because they are easy to do and you do not need very much equipment. It is possible to keep many people entertained with these types of comical games.