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Funny Fart Sounds

Certain people, especially younger boys, think farting is hilarious. Adult men can find humor in it as well. Occasionally girls find some humor in the subject, but most will tell you it’s immature and nasty. A perfect example… think back to when you were a small child watching a movie in school, and someone in the movie let one slip. All the boys in the class were cracking up and snickering, and all the girls would roll their eyes and give the boys dirty looks. This is natural, but some people can’t figure out why it’s funny. After all, it is just a normal bodily function!

Lightening the Mood With Funny Fart Sounds

If someone is trying to lighten up the mood, or if they’re just trying to impress their friends, sometimes they’ll make farting sounds. One way to do this is by putting their hand under their arm and moving the arm. This makes a sound as though someone is farting. Another way to do this is by putting both palms up to your mouth, with your fingers facing away from your face, and blowing hard into your palms. This creates another farting sound, as some people will even carry on contests as to whose is the longest, loudest, and funniest! Other people will whip out the old ‘whoopie cushion’, that when sat on, the noise the cushion makes when air’s being pushed out of it sounds like someone farting. This is usually done to prank someone.

Funny Fart Sounds Video

There was actually a digital video made about farting. It figured two people off the show ‘Family Guy’, and these two are shown in the bathroom. They wave hello to one another, then go into connecting stalls. One of them lets one slip, then the other does. They take turns farting back and forth and finally get a rhythm going, and soon an entire tune has busted out! This is humorous because it makes one wonder if it can actually be done, and the entire video is just the outside of the stall, and you can see the guys’ feet moving inside the stall. Even girls have to laugh at that one! There have been other videos and recordings and things done with farts… just explore, if that’s what interests you!